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This replica of a stoneware Jacoba Jug has a special history. The name refers to Jacoba of Beieren (1401-1436).

Already at the age of 16, Jacoba succeeded her father William VI of Holland in 1417. However, her uncle, Jan van Beieren, also had his eye on the count’s legacy. This led to a lot of quarrels. As Countess of Holland, Zeeland and Henegouwen, Jacoba fought the Duke of Burgundy Philip the Good several times. She was captured, but was able to escape! She decided not to stop there and went to fight again.

In the end, she had to make peace. In 1433, Jacoba had to give up her title completely. In 1436, after a serious illness of several months during which she stayed at Teylingen Castle (the Netherlands), she died of tuberculosis at the age of 35.

During work on Teylingen Castle, various slender stoneware jugs were found in the 17th century. Some historians thought that Jacoba, broken with grief, spent her time at the castle making pottery. Others thought they were thrown in the canal by a drunken Jacoba, expressing her frustrations at losing her title and power. A myth was born, but the name Jacobakan or Jacoba jug lived on.

These drinking jugs were produced from the late Middle Ages (ca. 1375) onwards. They come from the region around the German city of Siegburg.

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