Jordi & Natasja

Our story

We are Jordi Bruggeman and Natasja Reyns. We met at university, where we were studying archeology. After our studies we decided to start an archaeological research agency together, All-Archeo. This was in 2009. In 2021 we decided to add a new chapter to our life story and start an online shop.

In our own personal lives, we like to surround ourselves with beautiful objects that have a link with the past. This makes our objects meaningful and adds an extra dimension to our personal life. Since finding these objects is a quest, we got the idea to start an online shop to offer you our favorite items and show you why they are meaningful to us.

Discover our selection in our shop. If you happen to have your own collection and you think it fits into our concept, please contact us and introduce yourself and your collection to us.